V John Mathews


Visiting Scholar

Shini Renjith

  • Website
  • Email: renjiths@oregonstate.edu
  • Academic interests: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Information Filtering Systems.


Ph.D. Students

Mahtab Aboufazeli


Leonardo Machado Cavalcanti


  • Website
  • Office: 3040-13
  • Email: cavalcal@oregonstate.edu
  • Academic Interests: Restore motor skills in paralyzed limbs through peripheral nerve stimulation modulated by adaptive model-based controllers.


Sean Sylwester

  • Website
  • Office: 3040-14
  • Email: sylwests@oregonstate.edu 
  • Academic Interests: Researching signal processing techniques to improve control of neuroprostheses.


Damon George

  • Website
  • Office: 3040-15
  • Email: georgdam@oregonstate.edu
  • Academic Interests: Machine learning and signal processing applied to the control of myoelectric prostheses, and goal estimation in prosthetic control using deep learning and computer vision.


Karthik Gopalakrishnan


Oluwasegun Somefun

  • Website
  • Office: KEC 3040-18
  • Email: somefuno@oregonstate.edu
  • Academic Interests: I am interested in solving fundamental problems at the intersection of signal processing, control, machine learning and optimization theory.


Master Students

Nazifa Tabassum

  • Website
  • Office: KEC 3040-17 
  • Email: tabassna@oregonstate.edu
  • Academic Interests: Signal processing algorithms for structured health monitoring.


Niloufar Besharatzad

  • Website
  • Office: KEC 3040-13
  • Email: besharan@oregonstate.edu
  • Academic Interests: Machine learning and signal processing for intuitive control of prosthetic hands.



High-school Students





Undergraduate students

Ashlynn Gallagher



Tegan Jane Thurston


Tyler Matthew Palmgren