V John Mathews


Ph.D. Students

Mahtab Aboufazeli


Leonardo Machado Cavalcanti


  • Website
  • Office: 3040-13
  • Email: cavalcal@oregonstate.edu
  • Academic Interests: Data-driven and model-based control design for functional peripheral nerve stimulation.


Sean Sylwester

  • Website
  • Office: 3040-14
  • Email: sylwests@oregonstate.edu 
  • Academic Interests: Researching signal processing techniques to improve control of neuroprostheses.


Damon George

  • Website
  • Office: 3040-15
  • Email: georgdam@oregonstate.edu
  • Academic Interests: Machine learning and signal processing applied to the control of myoelectric prostheses, and goal estimation in prosthetic control using deep learning and computer vision.


Undergraduate students

 Josh Griffin

  • Website
  • Email: griffinj@oregonstate.edu
  • Academic Interests: I am interested in applying signal processing and machine learning to biomedical and audio engineering applications. I am fascinated by the brain and nervous system, and enjoy creating new tools for musicians and artists.


Ashlynn Gallagher



Lindsey Tomasini

  • Website
  • Email: tomasinl@oregonstate.edu
  • Academic Interests: My academic interests include prosthetics, robotics, and aviation. Outside of my major I enjoy painting and writing


Shanti Yamazaki Stewart


Patrick McGrath


Brian R Cross


Miles D Drake