Visiting Scholars

The Information Processing Group welcomes colleagues wishing to collaborate and spend time at Oregon State University, but does not have funding to support such visits. Potential visiting scholars having their own funding should contact Professor Mathews.

Post-Doctoral Scholars (New!)

One one-year long post-doctoral position in the general area of biomedical signal processing and machine learning is available at this time. More information is available here. If you are interested, have done prior research in biomedical signal processing and machine learning, please contact Professor Mathews with your CV and academic records. Experience with electroencephalogram processing is a plus.

If you are interested in a post-doctoral position in another area of emphasis of the Group and have already secured funding or wish to seek outside sources of funding (for example, NSF, NIH, etc.), contact Professor Mathews to discuss project ideas.

Graduate Students

We expect to add one or two new graduate students to the Group each year. If you are interested in working on your graduate research under Professor Mathews’ guidance, please read the information below.

Professor Mathews receives quite a few e-mails each year from students wishing to learn about opportunities to join the Information Processing Group. It is difficult to respond individually to all the letters. However, you may want to know the following before you apply for admission to our graduate program and are interested in working with Professor Mathews:

  • We are always looking for good students to join our group. 
  • Every qualified applicant will be considered for financial support if the applicant has been admitted to the graduate program and has indicated an interest in working under Professor Mathews’ supervision. However, there are much more qualified applicants than positions available. 
  • With rare exceptions, Professor Mathews provides financial support only to Ph.D. students. TA positions as well as RA positions with other faculty members may be available for MS students, but he is not involved with those decisions.
  • The criteria for selection of graduate students to the Information Processing Group include, but are not limited to
    • Academic performance including rank in your class. In particular, excellent grades in signal processing and mathematics courses.
    • Reputation of your school.GRE scores, especially the quantitative and analytical scores.
    • Prior exposure to doing research in signal processing, and the results of such work. If you have presented your results in conferences or technical journals, it is a definite plus.
    • Positive recommendations of your professors or supervisors at work.
    • Ability to program in MATLAB or another commonly used language such as Python or C++.
    • Good written and oral communication skills.
  • Please do not write to Professor Mathews for application forms, etc. You can apply online at . Also, please read the relevant departmental information available at
  • Once you are admitted to our graduate program, Professor Mathews will be happy to correspond with you if you have questions related to the program. 

Undergraduate Scholars

If you are an undergraduate student in the Electrical & Computer Engineering department or in a related field, have an excellent academic record, good mathematical skills and an ability to program in MATLAB or another language, and are interested in doing your senior project under Professor Mathews’ guidance, please contact Dr. Mathews directly. Opportunities to join the Group during earlier stages of your program also exist.