Presentations schedule for SpringTerm 2021



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Weekly reports

Every student is expected to turn in a weekly report the day before your weekly meeting with Dr. Mathews. The report should address the following issues:

1.      What is your current list of mid-range goals related to your research? (These would be the goals for the term. Examples could be: submit a paper to conference X, pass your prelim/qualifier, solves specific problem, etc. These will typically be the same every week with occasional additions and deletions)

2.       What were your specific goals from last week? (Each goal should be associate with one of your mid-range goals. Each goal should be something that you think could be accomplished during the week.)

3.       What progress did you make toward your listed goals and possible other goals? (Describe what you did during the week.). Also, what questions, if any, do you have about next steps? Are you waiting for Dr. Mathews to do something (e.g., comment on a paper draft or idea) so that you can make progress?

4.       What papers did you read this week and what is a one (or two)-sentence summary? (You should almost always have one or more papers to mention.)

5.      What are your goals for next week? (Each goal should be associated with a mid-range task. (The set of goals should be selected so that you think it is reasonable to accomplish them.)

6.      Do you want to make any changes to your mid-range goals? (The answer should usually be 'no' if the mid-range goals are chosen carefully.)

Your diligence in doing the reports each week on a timely basis will be appreciated. Keep in mind also that PhD students who haven’t passed their qualifying exam must submit daily reports on their activities.